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EagleForce Health

Health Care IT

EagleForce Health predictive & prescriptive analytics provide healthcare companies with an unprecedented toolbox for understanding structured and unstructured EMR data. Assess eligibility, develop full historical longitudinal patient medical profiles, reduce waste and fraud and more — all in a secure environment. Learn More >

Business Intelligence

Eagle Force Staff uses its vast experience and expertise to help its customers gather, understand, and distribute large amounts of data from various sources to make real time decisions in a more cost effective, safe, efficient, and reliable manner

Public Sector Health

Eagle Force's Defense and Homeland Security capabilities represent proven technologies and methodologies which are focused to defeat the ever changing asymmetric threat.


Our Education services focuses on providing a range of services to the U.S. Department of Education and state departments of education.

Enterprise Architecture and Applications

Enterprise Architecture and Applications range from simple web portals to complex enterprise resource planning systems. As the next generation of the web conforms to SOA standards for application development and deployment, ..


Our Energy services provide leading-edge approaches to help our clients address the challenges of climate change and rising oil prices, and provide viable solutions for sustainable, alternative energy sources, governance and regulatory mechanisms, and legislative policies.

Information Technology

Eagle Force has aided many clients in the areas of design, development, implementation, support and or management of various information system applications.


Eagle Force has provided support to many organizations which struggle with adhering to multiple security compliance requirements driven by regulations, industry mandates, customers and partners.


Eagle Force has significant experience in providing cellular and satellite based voice and data solutions to large international corporate clients and voice and data service providers.


Eagle Force provides technology solutions and innovative systems to public transportation clients. With staff comprising over thirty years of experience in military and commercial aviation and ground transportation technology

Government Relations and Public Services

Eagle Force helps governments meet and manage difficult problems. Eagle Force helps clients address “out of the box” challenges (e.g., health care, sustainable energy, terrorism, education reform, etc.)


For more information, contact us at BigDataInsights@theeagleforce.net or call 855-481-2110

Our mission is to assist our clients in the design and deployment of intelligent systems where man and machine interface and applications are designed to optimize the performance of each by providing the heavy lifting for many of the most difficult problems in computer science.

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