Code Of Conduct

EagleForce Associates Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

EagleForce Associates is committed to an ethic of service for our fellow man and honesty in all we do. The company embraces these ideals in the service to our clients, our country, and to each other, and we stay true to a commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services.

We constantly strive to surpass our stated and contractual goals and objectives as a normal course of business. As such, EagleForce Associates is comprised of an experienced staff of proven professionals whose lifetime accomplishments of exemplary solutions are known throughout the industry. Our employees are rivaled by none and envied by many. The company founders are dedicated to the principle that customer value is enhanced by providing the best person for the job at all times and by ensuring those employees can work in an atmosphere which is most conducive to exemplary performance.

EagleForce Associates is organized to ensure all employees have a vested interest and ownership in the company and their commitment to the company is in turn a commitment to each other. Employees are both expected and required to adhere to the EagleForce Associates Code of Business Ethics and Conduct while providing our customer with the ultimate in quality work product.

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Our mission is to assist our clients in the design and deployment of intelligent systems where man and machine interface and applications are designed to optimize the performance of each by providing the heavy lifting for many of the most difficult problems in computer science.

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