Collaboration Gateway

Our service provides a web-accessible, independent collaboration capability. 

The following items are the major technical features of the EagleForce Collaboration Gateway:

•A hosted managed service to be managed by EagleForce in an independent facility on an unclassified network accessible through the Internet or a fully deployed user hosted enterprise system
•Registration & Authentication
•Web Conferencing
•Web Content Management
•File transfer
•Person and expert discovery
•Instant Messaging (IM) / Low Bandwidth Chat
•Audio/ Video Conferencing
•Application Sharing/Broadcasting
•White boarding
•Project Management
•CRM Module
•On-Line Help Desk Support and Event Tracking


An example of this collaboration gateway in the medical field is its ability to allow clinical data and censors to operate in a secure environemnt with multi-level encryption, much like file-transfer encryption, to ensure the security and safety of each patient. It will enhance collaboration between doctors as well as doctor-patient collaboration to provide optimal care through secure monitoring sensors. 

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Our mission is to assist our clients in the design and deployment of intelligent systems where man and machine interface and applications are designed to optimize the performance of each by providing the heavy lifting for many of the most difficult problems in computer science.

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