Our energy services provide leading-edge approaches to help our clients address the challenges of climate change and rising oil prices, and provide viable solutions for sustainable, alternative energy sources, governance and regulatory mechanisms, and legislative policies. Our professionals have worked with world-class experts in sustainable energy initiatives and “green jobs”. We have worked with cabinet-level officials to engage citizens and experts alike to “socialize” a green energy agenda. EagleForce has also provided change management services, subject matter expertise (SME), and executive-level guidance in the development of a regulatory model, which has led to a new cabinet-level organization to lead future energy efforts, with a focus on sustainable and renewable energy sources.

EagleForce Energy Consultation

EagleForce has made significant investments in undertaking strategic initiatives to develop our Green Energy Consultant practice. The objectives of the EagleForce Green Energy division are as follows:

1. Promote dependable, efficient and economical energy systems capable of supporting the needs of the people 
2. Increase energy self-sufficiency where the ratio of indigenous to imported energy use is increased 
3. Provide greater energy security in the face of international threats to the nation’s energy supplies and systems 
4. Reduce, avoid, or sequester greenhouse gas emissions from energy supply and use

EagleForce employees the requisite subject-matter expertise to develop the framework for creating the Green Energy Study and is under contract with an island government partner. The EagleForce team is capable of providing expert resources necessary to assist the government in the development of the structural planning, objectives scheduling, process implementation, metrics development, models, and procedural definition necessary for the Green Energy Study. Additionally, EagleForce is poised to provide support to Government and Commercial clients in analysis and reporting of the project findings within the Green Energy Space.

EagleForce Energy Objectives

The major objective for EagleForce is to produce plans, policy, procedures, governance, and a financial adjudication related to:

• The reduction on dependence on oil
• Protection of the environment
• Reduction of negative economic impacts related to use of imported fuels
• Enhancement of renewable energy use and energy efficiency
• Improvement of the security and reliability of American energy systems

Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade is generally referred to as a direct carbon tax or other mandatory regulation which is set to control CO2 and other emissions (nitrous oxide, per fluorocarbons, etc.). The European Union (EU) has the largest trading scheme for carbon emissions in the world and EagleForce is a primary consultant to British Colonies on the governance, quantification measures, and evaluation standards.

The Cap is generally extended by the government or international body to control the amount of pollutant emissions allowed for a specific industry. EagleForce consults to both European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN) standards and is uniquely poised to assist governments and commercial clients in navigating the Permitting Standards and Credit Adjudication process. It is vital to the success of the Cap and Trade process that levels of historic emissions be accurately accounted. The anticipation of United States Carbon Trade Markets will require critical accounting for emissions and the application of economic value and incentives to those emissions. The trade value amongst all who are governed by the Cap will require an equal level of diligence in the trade of credits and debits.

If you are not, then you have to buy credits. The overall issue is that this process is used to manage and control emissions. This is how we account the capture of rain water as an energy credit, based on the fact that you do not have to expend the energy to pump the water to the home. In January of 2011, the EU began the second period of trading which will extend through 2014. It is anticipated that the United States will call for a mandate of an 80% reduction of CO2 by 2050.

As the United States prepares for governance, licensing, environmental measurements and cleanup, and the advancement of sustainable and renewable energy projects, EagleForce is prepared to assist in all phases of the process with our experienced staff and automated Energy Case Management Tools and Assessment Models.

Smart Metering and Distribution

EagleForce understands that Power Distribution, including substations, feed, and all distribution transformers for residential and commercial customers, is generally provided by a single source. The importance of metering to the overall process of energy management and conservation will require the transformation of the legacy technology currently in place. As the United States moves forward with the establishment of its Next Generation Grid, EagleForce is poised in supporting all phases required in advancing service to the consumer by providing smart meters, which will provide consumers with greater control over energy costs. EagleForce support extends to advanced technologies available today and forecasted for tomorrow. We will stimulate new industries which will require large scale changes in the governance and regulatory process.

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