Energy Enterpise Case Management

EagleForce Associates Energy Case Management solutions and Consulting services focus on the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of energy consumption and prices along with the expanding role of stakeholder involvement in carbon footprint exposure.  EagleForce's tools are designed to address environment-driven regulations and serve to manage many of the uncertainties for commercial and government energy management.  As more companies are focusing on continued and sustained reduction and management of both environmental inputs (including energy and water) and outputs (including greenhouse gas emissions) of their operations, EagleForce's tools and experts can assist in developing and deploying sustainable, repeatable and survivable solutions.


EagleForce client success in today's energy-constrained world depends on our ability to assist in the:

  • Execution of  a proactive strategy for enterprise energy and environment management
  • Environmental Management dashboards that are designed to surpasses the rudimentary practice of a basic energy reporting and greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory
  • Assessment and reporting of energy and environmental impact across the client enterprise – including product development, logistics, employee activities, and the supply chain as it relates to management and reporting
  • Leveraging of consistent process to create an auditable system of record
  • Identification of financial and operational options for mitigating energy and greenhouse gases across all emission categories
  • Education related to the clear understanding of impacts to the bottom line
  • Energy Management Modeling and reporting related rising energy and regulatory costs

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