Geospatial Mapping and Imagery

The Human Geography Knowledge Discovery (HGKD) is challenged by the sheer scale of “information items” (documents, web pages, images, voice, video, mapping, imagery, etc.) that either exist now or are projected in the near future. In particular, the quantity of geospatial/image/video data is growing very rapidly.

Semantic technologies (e.g., using OWL/RDF) provide an elegant representation for HG objects/concepts, relationships, and events.  These provide a means of describing image content both in terms of pure image-organization and interpreted objects. These methods can be extended to representing activities within video segments. However, use of this more expressive formalism requires substantial additional computation. Given the existing and projected data volumes, there is a computational challenge in providing rich and detailed representations to all data, and to using the full richness of these representations during KD. 

A comprehensive KD solution based on an Enterprise Data Layer can be developed by adopting a multi-layered, combined top-down / bottom-up representation and control system, incorporating multiple existing representation solutions.  Benefits of this approach include:

•  Increased ability to work with very large data volumes, across multiple HG repositories,

•  Increased ability to discovery and correlate salient HG material, while still eliminating irrelevant materials, and

•  Ability to incorporate discovery across multi-media domains (text/image/geo), including, but not limited to, the analysis of Social Network Elements, Structures, and Influencers


Available tools, processes, and services for use in a human geography workflow:


The HG Enterprise Data Layer

The HG enterprise Data Layer will provide control of mission critical information to the data owner and make information manageable, portable, and easier to share. Mission critical information, automatic provisioning of analyst tools, and secure information sharing through existing tools will enable community of interests (COIs) portals, information sharing services, legacy integration, federated metadata catalogs, databases, and enterprise services.

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