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about us

Company Overview

EagleForce Health, a division of EagleForce Associates, Inc., delivers the most advanced evidence-based clinical insights and business intelligence for accurate and persistent informing available today. Leveraging the secure technology that has provided knowledge and analytics to both the defense and intelligence sectors for many years, EagleForce Health now brings this high pedigree of advanced analytics, information sharing, security, and privacy to healthcare.

The patented methodologies and technologies used by EagleForce Health bring disruptive innovation to an industry that has long been restrained by the inability to seamlessly and cost-effectively capture unstructured data. EagleForce Health's proprietary data capture systems gather structured, unstructured and semi structured data for aggregation, integration and analysis and in real-time or close to real-time. By combining unstructured data with hundreds of contextual factors, such as geospatial, temporal, age, weight, race, and co-morbid conditions, EagleForce Health has developed some of the most sophisticated disease ontologies in the world. The result is more accurate and comprehensive insights for decision support and intelligent allocation of resources.

Our innovative approach uses a combination of systems, including:

  • Statistics, Algorithm and Rules-based analysis
  • Proprietary disease ontologies
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Cloud Computing methodology
  • Wireless communications architectures
  • Universal adapter based on all 2,400+ elements of the HL-7
  • Highest security and information sharing credentials in the world

For more information, contact us at HealthInsights@theeagleforce.net or call 855-481-2110