About Us

Real-time Eligibility Verification and Validation

Originally developed and currently deployed for TSA Passenger Screenings, EagleForce Health is applying its sophisticated eligibility engine to solve some of healthcare's biggest challenges. The EagleForce patented PADRE system allows for real-time eligibility verification and validation. This includes the ability to determine an individual's eligibility for insurance, treatment and patient support programs.

Built on neural computing & artificial intelligence, our proprietary methodology uses advanced machine learning techniques; pattern recognition; noun analysis versus name analysis; feature vector scoring and more.Our patented and proven award winning approach to universal eligibility for Primary and Secondary Payer transactions has demonstrated with TSA and other Federal and State government agencies superior accuracy in the government and commercial eligibility market. Our commitment to guarantee the industry’s highest Service Level Agreements is designed to absorb client risk.

For more information, contact us at HealthInsights@theeagleforce.net or call 855-481-2110