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Opioids Monitoring System - CRx MONITOR™

Real Time Controlled Substances (Opioids) Monitoring System (CRx MONITOR™)

EagleForce Health’s CRx MONITOR™ tracks Class II-Class V medications in real time through connections to pharmacies, healthcare providers, and health care settings across the nation. Our proven technology integrates with existing pharmacy transaction systems and workflow to monitor the complete lifecycle of the prescription “fill” process from auto-submission of a clean electronic prescription of Controlled Substances, to automated intake and screening. This real-time processing and safeguarding against fraud and abuse is capable of tracking beyond State borders and has the capability to identify and stop improper cash transactions.

CRx MONITOR™ provides real-time controlled substance abuse monitoring and alerting based on State by State Morphine Equivalent standards and established business rules. The system was developed as an extension of our nationally recognized Real-Time Benefits Investigation (RTBI) solution that interrogates medication transactions for both commercial and government insurance coverage. The CRx MONITOR ™ establishes a universal ID (Master Patient Index) using its proprietary advanced analytics methodologies to identify patients across disparate systems including the ability to cross reference name spelling variances. With our published and exposed API, Integration can occur at the point of prescription origination within the EMR or at the pharmacy. CRx MONITOR™ has an established connection to every retail pharmacy in the country. In addition, the EagleForce Health Attestation Center for Program Integrity™ (ACPI) is a separate system that introduces call center service operators who perform a real-time audit of the CRx MONITOR™ allowing pharmacists and providers to over-ride a rejection for legitimate Opioid prescriptions based on defined business rules (i.e. an authorized increase of prescription dosage).

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