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Persistent Unstructured Data Analytics: The Missing Link to Superior Insights

If you are like most health entities today, you have become fairly effective at analyzing your structured data in a closed environment. But over 85% of the data you collect related to patients, providers and payers is decentralized and unstructured...and it is this data that holds the key to better decision-making. Achieving optimal patient outcomes and cost containment & avoidance is increasingly dependent on analyzing the aggregated data that is located in disparate systems including unstructured data such as provider notes, test images, video, voice and sensor data.

Applying our patented Predictive Analytics Markup Language™ (PAML), EagleForce Health uses all data sources available in combination with our evidence-based disease ontologies to deliver superior intelligence and actionable insights with greater accuracy and performance. This proprietary methodology allows for the temporal, geospatial and thousands of additional contextual variances for resolving asymmetrical and non-linear problems.

  • Advanced Machine learning techniques
  • Pattern recognition & noun analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Feature vector scoring
  • "Plausibility" and "potentiality" scoring

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