About Us
SwissVault™ Interoperability Hub

Remove the Barrier of Disparate Systems and Security Concerns

Originally developed on behalf of NATO, the EagleForce Health SwissVault™ allows our partners to easily extract, aggregate, integrate and share all forms of data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured data) between disparate systems for analysis without disrupting existing data structure & format. The system can be deployed as a federated Cloud and/or Appliance and is supported by our strategic relationships with DELL and HP offering an agile, controlled, elastic, cost-effective, and a multi-tenant interoperability environment for sharing information including voice, video and sensor data.

The EagleForce Health SwissVault™ meets all the standards for security including, HIPAA and Meaningful Use Stage 2 & 3, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) guidelines, as well as the protocols and standards within the International Health Information Exchange environment. This pedigree provides our customers with an unprecedented level security and comfort in advance of applying the most advanced analytics in the world.

For more information, contact us at HealthInsights@theeagleforce.net or call 855-481-2110