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Next Generation Clinical Insights & Business Intelligence

Key healthcare business and technology trends related to "real time" persistent analytics are disrupting the traditional data management and processing landscape. Traditional rules-based analysis focused primarily on structured data alone can be slow, costly and incomplete. This, combined with the lack of aggregated and integrated healthcare data across disparate systems is compromising the accuracy and usefulness of today's healthcare analytics. Moreover, new regulations regarding security and patient privacy are making it much more difficult for companies to comply with the emerging "data at rest" and "data in motion" requirements.

At EagleForce Health, we are leading the way in setting new standards for security, interoperability, unified communications and advanced analytics, including predictive and prescriptive clinical insights and business intelligence. Our global effort to aggregate and integrate remote sensors & wearable technologies (i.e. wireless devices for blood pressure, glucose, activity, vitals, etc.) now allows for persistent real-time informing across members of a care team for early engagement and cost avoidance.

EagleForce's unique approach has demonstrated to deliver superior results among some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Unlike traditional analytics platforms, our patented predictive analytics methodologies help inform both the "WHAT" (what happened) and the "WHY" (why it happened) throughout the patient journey. Unfortunately, analyzing structured system data by itself will only reveal "WHAT" happened. Understanding the "WHY" allows for more tailored and intelligent resource allocation optimizing patient engagement, behavior modification and ultimately, health outcomes.


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