Information Technology

EagleForce has aided many clients in the areas of design, development, implementation, support and or management of various information system applications, particularly in the areas of data management, data storage and retrieval, data security, and the implementation and management of large financial accounting systems in the private and federal government sectors. We are constantly using state-of-the-art technologies and adapting them to solve our clients' most pressing and urgent needs in today’s environment.


While it is important to have a company culture, processes, and tools that can be leveraged across projects, companies do not implement solutions – people do. Our people have successfully implemented complex, enterprise-wide IT solutions.

• Education Central Automated Processing System (EDCAPS)

• Grants Administration and Payment System (GAPS)

• Education Oracle Financials

• National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

• Operation of the FBI Data Center and Worldwide Secure Network

• Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX)

• Genie May Financial System (PeopleSoft)

• Department of Labor e-Payroll

• Airline Passenger Screening Solutions

• Claims Fraud Detection/Loss Management

• Screening/Threat Analysis for IED’s

• Blueprint for Addressing Unfunded Public Pension Liabilities

• Automating/Modernizing Government Agencies

• BTK Killer Case Resolution

• Economic/Urban Development Initiatives

• Enterprise Architecture for Student Lending Organization

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Our mission is to assist our clients in the design and deployment of intelligent systems where man and machine interface and applications are designed to optimize the performance of each by providing the heavy lifting for many of the most difficult problems in computer science..

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