Management Team

      • Stanley Campbell - Chairman & CEO  

        Mr. Campbell, the CEO of EagleForce Associates and EagleForce Health, has a background in physics and mathematics and is a former Navy pilot with more than eight patent submissions in the business, intelligence, security and health care arenas – specifically in the areas of heterogeneous and disparate knowledge management, data reduction, and error analysis. He has significant accomplishments in Big Data Management and Predictive Analytics.


        Mr. Campbell's health care patent is transforming medical claims and patient population analysis and his intelligence technology has lead efforts in Law Enforcement Case Management instrumental in solving the BTK Killer case. He has led enterprise architecture design efforts for DIA, the Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture, and Contingent Commission Insurance Fraud analytics for the State of Georgia. In addition to these examples, Mr. Campbell has implemented an extensive list of systems and solutions to a wide range of defense, homeland security, and civilian entities.

      • John W. Morgan III – Chief Operating Officer  

        Mr. John W. Morgan III (Lt. Gen Ret.) retired from the US Army where in his final assignment before departing active duty, he served as the Commander of Allied (Land) Force Command-Heidelberg. He joined EagleForce Associates as the Senior Vice President in 2013, primarily responsible for operations, plans, and the strategic growth of the EagleForce Associates and EagleForce Health. At EagleForce his team has recently demonstrated to NATO its first Secure Collaborative Health Enterprise solution on the Uniform Vision 2014 Exercise.


        As the Chief Operating Officer of EagleForce Associates, Incorporated John is directly responsible for P&L and strategic company growth, business operations and business initiatives across the enterprise of EagleForce Associates, Incorporated and EagleForce Health, LLC.

      • Dr. Cynthia Macri – SVP & Chief Medical Officer (CMO)  

        Dr. Cynthia Macri brings over 35 years of experience as a U.S. Navy Medical Officer, board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology, to the EagleForce Health team. In addition to her previous work in Women’s Health care and cancer prevention and management, her expertise focused on strategies to improve population health, disease prevention, cultural competency, minority health, health/educational/economic disparities, and creating healthy communities. Her broad-based knowledge and executive leadership experience in graduate medical education, strategy and policy development, and research contributes to launching EagleForce’ s exclusive and cutting edge technology in advanced and predictive analytics into the healthcare and academic spaces.


        Dr. Macri holds a current license to practice Medicine in Maryland and volunteers at two community level free clinics, providing specialty and primary care to underserved populations.


      • Ms. Dawn Eilenberger – SVP & General Counsel  

        Ms. Dawn Eilenberger joined the EagleForce team as general counsel with more than 35 years of broad leadership experience in the Intelligence Community (IC), retiring in 2017 as the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). She successfully managed legal, policy, finance, international affairs, security, facilities and compliance organizations in multiple Intelligence Community agencies. With proven ability to manage and lead complex organizations and drive transformational change, she will lead corporate strategic and tactical legal initiatives and serve as a resource for resolving complex administrative, financial, and legal issues and play an extensive role in drafting legal documents.


        Her position as general counsel is an integral part of the senior management team, informing strategic direction with regard to Federal and State regulatory and compliance issues, fraud and abuse, reimbursement, licensing/credentialing, HIPAA/HITECH, public and private payors, and ethical business practices. Ms. Eilenberger is a member of the bar in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia.

      • Dr. Sinthi Acey – Chief of Pharmacy  

        Dr. Sinthi Acey comes to EagleForce as a Maryland-licensed pharmacist and Navy veteran, bringing diverse experience in pharmacy operations and services, space and electronic warfare, intelligence, and information technology. Dr. Acey has led multiple team projects in healthcare and Department of Defense environments.


        Her position as Chief Pharmacy Officer is a key member of the Senior Executive team, engaged in defining the overall business strategy and direction of the organization and its pharmacy and medical based technology. She leads the overall pharmacy and adherence vision for the organization and provides expert pharmacy transaction and operational direction relating to our eligibility, pharmacy transaction management, overall precision health management, and PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) Network Analytics, Product and Credentialing divisions. Dr. Acey's responsibilities also include the strategy, development, and implementation of innovative technology focused on delivering precision health clinical programs, predictive analytics, and population health innovations as well as collaboration with strategic business partners.

      • Christopher Cresswell – SVP & General Manager  

        Mr. Cresswell serves as EagleForce Health's General Manager and brings more than 18 years of healthcare technology experience to this position.  Prior to joining EagleForce, Mr. Cresswell has played instrumental roles in driving innovation across both the commercial and clinical verticals within the healthcare sector.  He is a nationally recognized entrepreneur with a plethora of successful start-ups including AdherenceRx, New Enterprise Ventures, US Wellness, and the National Wellness Foundation.  He has also served as General Manager of Patient Innovations for both DrFirst and United BioSource Corporation, now Express Scripts. 


        Mr. Cresswell has broad industry successes and relationships that span horizontally across all healthcare stakeholders including payors, providers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.  In addition, he has supported many healthcare technology companies define new business models, channels and revenue streams through the formation of strategic partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions both domestically and internationally. 

      • Dr. Yi Deng – Chief Scientist/ Director of Research and Development  

        Dr. Yi Deng is the current Director of Research and Development at EagleForce Associates and EagleForce Health. His role consist of conducting research and developing new and revolutionary concepts. He has designed a number of innovative algorithms and modules to improve technological functionality. Dr. Deng has been involved in a vast number of research projects focusing on cloud computing, machine learning, and predictive analytics, etc. In addition, he has published a number of articles related to coding and other technology trends and holds three technology patents.

      • Dr. Rassel Hossain – Senior Clinical Systems Engineer  

        Dr. Rassel Hossain serves as the Senior Clinical Systems Engineer for EagleForce Associates and EagleForce Health. Dr. Hossain brings nearly twenty years of medical experience as well as ten years of IT experience to the team. He has worked as a health care consultant providing data analysis and treatment options for patients. His vast technical background includes product design, implementation, system infrastructure, system security, and Quality Assurance (QA) experiences. Dr. Hossain brings a strong information security and engineering background to EagleForce and has certification in Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).

      • Dionna Townsend – Director-Operations for PBM & Pharmacy Services  

        Dionna Townsend brings a wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge to EagleForce Health and EagleForce Associates. She is a member of National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) and is a licensed pharmacy technician. Ms. Townsend worked for SuperValue, Inc. and Albertson’s, Inc. for over ten years. She has worked to boost the overall effectiveness of medical processing and implementing many concepts into practice.


        As the Director-Operations for PBM & Pharmacy Services, her primary responsibility is to work with the CEO and General Manager of Health Services utilizing a broad knowledge of PBM industry to set and execute the business development and operational strategy.

      • Aisling Fallon – Director of Risk Management  

        Aisling Fallon has joined the firm to lead its Risk Management Practice. This practice is designed to extend the understandings and impact of Anti-Kickback Act violations to corporate Boards of Directors, C- Suite Executives and Legal-Regulatory compliance officers. Ms. Fallon comes to EagleForce with a wealth of experience in risk modeling and compliance from Goldman Sachs where she provided essential risk management and controls to Securities and Credit Derivatives.


        Ms. Fallon will employ advanced AI tools of EagleForce to model the financial risk within the industry, while also serving to convey this overarching risk to the individual corporation on a Brand Medication by Brand Medication basis. Ms. Fallon’s expertise in risk modeling and forecasting will continue to extend EagleForce Health’s success in providing advanced analytics and business services to many of the top medical and pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

      • Thomas O. Awuonda – Chief Information Security Officer  

        Thomas O. Awuonda is the Chief Security Officer at EagleForce Associates and EagleForce Health. Mr. Awuonda’s possesses a strong background in the medical field, including running his own healthcare business from 2007-2012. His knowledgeable in cyber security, IT project management, ethical hacking methodologies, mobile devices security, and system administration (Windows and UNIX). Thomas Awuonda’s certifications are widespread and include: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CompTIA Security+, and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).


        His responsibilities in his current role with EagleForce include maintaining security of electronic data materials and enforcing HIPAA and other state policies.

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